During the development of this yarn we took inspiration from nature.

Birds are lightweight and able to fly thanks to the hollow bones and feathers, which are filled with air. Like in a feather, there is a hollow inside the filaments of PROLEN®HOLLOW and thanks to this, it is the lightest fibre of all synthetic fibres in the world. Producers gain economic and ecological dvantages and final users gain more comfort because the garments are lighter. This enables them to achieve better performance during their activities and give them freedom of movement.

Fur, consisting of hollow hair, is an adaptation of animals that live in very cold conditions, such as polar bears, polar foxes, reindeers, elks, caribous and alpaca. Their hair is a hollow tube with the air spacing in it and helping to insulate the animals from harsh temperatures. As in the hair of these animals,  there is a hollow inside the filament PROLEN®HOLLOW. It ensures that the air in the clothes of PROLEN@HOLLOW is not only found in the filaments but also inside them, thereby improving the thermal insulation properties. The thermal resistance of PROLEN®HOLLOW is the highest of all synthetic and natural fibers, even higher than the wool.