PROLEN®YARN was born and is produced under the most beautiful Slovak mountains called the High Tatras.

As Tatra people we very much care for our environment. That is why we behave and produce our PROLEN®YARN with maximum respect to the nature in order to preserve it the way we inherited it also for our future generations. PROLEN®YARN and its production don´t pollute the enviroment  (water, air, nor soil).   As PROLEN®YARN is dope-dyed there is no problem of polluting effluents. Only a small amount of water is used  during the production of PROLEN®YARN (in contrary to cotton where up to 11 ths. liters of water are used to produce 1 kg). The production of PROLEN®YARN and subsequently from PROLEN®YARN uses lower temperatures, i.e. less energy (up to 45%). No pesticides or toxic dyes are used to produce PROLEN®YARN.  PROLEN®YARN is 100 % recyclable. PROLEN®YARN is the green yarn for our blue Planet.