PROLEN® powered by 37.5® Technology is a new product which is the result of cooperation between Chemosvit Fibrochem and  Cocona Labs. It’s a unique combination which enhances the extraordinary properties of PROLEN®, such as thermoregulation and moisture transfer onto a higher level. 37.5® Technology uses natural minerals to create the ultimate temperatue control textiles.

37.5® Technology removes moisture vapor before it turns into liquid sweat and uses your body’s own energy to help keep you cool and warm. Thanks to this you feel comfortable to the core whether you are resting or performing demanding tasks.

The minerals in 37.5® Technology catch odors and let them go away during washing. They are permanently encapsulated in PROLEN® and never wash out, nor stop working. Clothes made of PROLEN®37.5® Technology remain fresh after infinitely many washings and won’t let you down during your active lifestyle.

The next video explains how the 37.5® Technology works.

Let’s look closely at the particles in the 37.5® Technology…..

In the next video, you´ll see how the 37.5® Technology controls moisture and humidity for more comfort and better performance:

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