Our skin is the largest organ. If it absorbs toxic substances (like dyes, pesticides, formaldehyde which is used on clothes exported from distant countries to prevent mildew during shipping, etc.) from cotton or other types of synthetic fibres (except for PROLEN®), they can be taken-up by the lymphatic system and the blood stream. These toxins can cause disorders like infertility, respiratory diseases, skin irritations and, even cancer. Indeed, clothes in PROLEN® are “friends of the skin”.

PROLEN® is chemically inert and can be worn even by the most sensitive people without any problem. PROLEN® is “noble”, it does not react to chemical agents produced by perspiration. Bacteria that are the base of bad smells cannot develop. The biogenic silver ions in PROLEN®SILTEX limit the multiplication of bacteria. PROLEN® does not cause allergies and it is particularly suitable for the medical industry which demands high hygienic standards.

PROLEN® is a European product, it doesn´t have to be modified by formaldehyde to overcome big distances when travelling to its customers, nor it is ever effected by mildew. PROLEN® is dope-dyed, dyestuffs do not migrate into the skin. PROLEN® maintains a moderately negative charge which is beneficial for the human organism. Minus ions promote blood circulation and purification, inhibit free radicals, regulate autonomous nerves, activate cells and strenghten the body’s immune system. The human body recovers and is able to provide a better performance.
As PROLEN® is Oekotex Standard 100 certified, it meets the strict human-ecological requirements for the production of baby clothes. You know what you wear, when you wear PROLEN® because we care for our customers and we care for our employees.