The Sun is an essential entity for life on Earth, yet its UV radiation poses a significant threat by inflicting damage to skin tissue. Interestingly, even simple fabrics can offer an effective shield against such UV radiation. The UV permeability of a fabric layer is contingent on the fiber throughput. As such, we incorporate additives into PROLEN® that are capable of converting the absorbed light energy into a different form of energy that is non-detrimental for the species. The consequence of UV radiation is an immediate decrease in molecular weight and a rise in the concentration of free radicals, which trigger a new oxidation process. Therefore, to enhance light stability, PROLEN® necessitates stabilization. We achieve this through PROLEN®Sunprotect, which is stabilized using substances that guard against the impact of light radiation (UV absorbers) and oxidation. With PROLEN®Sunprotect, you’re not just wearing clothing, you’re wearing a shield against harmful UV radiation.