Clothing always acted as a shell for human body.

However, in the course of time, properties required for clothing became more and more specific up to including today’s ergonomic properties, comfort and safety. Furthermore,           as far as interactions with the organism are concerned, clothes are also expected to regulate temperature and wellness sensations. Regarding the human body interactions, the skin, main vector of physical feelings, plays a fundamental role because of its direct contact with the environment.

PROLEN®SOFT are yarns modified with a natural and fully recyclable additive normally used for the diapers and hygienic products for women. They provide to PROLEN®YARN 

a soft touch of natural fibers pleasant  for the skin.

 Fabric produced from PROLEN®SOFT is characterized by the following properties:

  • Reduces the spread of odors.
  • Provides excellent thermal insulation properties.
  • Supports the drying rate.
  • Increases the brilliance and brightness of colors.
  • Increases the resistance in final applications.
  • Promotes the formation of negative charge, which is positively acting on the body.
  • Provides a sense of pleasant and gentle touch.
  • Helps in improving the slipperiness and processability.